I sTiLL FuNKTioN...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

ChAcK has gone to Pusan, South Korea last Friday... Dat was the last time we, THe BROTHeRS...are together... He's gonna be there for 'bout 9 months or so. He got posted there for a while...but he said dat he should be able to come back here a few times in between dat 9 months.Uh, well...there goes our designated brawler and racer. But, ZuL should be able to fill up those shoes pretty nicely... Hehehe.

My mum called me the other day and said dat they're plannin' to sell off one our house in Ipoh... Yeup, the same house dat we all grew up in. It's kinda sad cuz I really like dat house. It may be small, but dat's where I grew up... Nearly 15 years of my life unfolds in dat house. Unfortunately, my dad can't maintain it anymore. My parents, they need the money...so a decision have to made. With wat I'm makin' right now in a monthly basis, I can't afford to buy the house from my dad...so as much as it hurts to see dat the house will no longer be ours, we have to face the fact.

The good thing 'bout it is, a friend of my family is buying it. One of my old neighbour's gonna buy the house from us. I believe dat it's pretty much in good hands... I then told my mum dat I'm plannin' to save some money and buying a house here...bla, bla, bla...and she was quite surprised. She was wonderin' why I haven't thought of dis before. Hehehe.

I told her, I did...and I pointed the fact dat I do have a set of good, functional brain. It's juz dat I dun use it dat much...unless I want too. We had a good laugh after dat... So, rite now my mum and I have a pretty good idea of what we might do next and she's ok wit it...

I have a lot on my shoulders rite now...but, hey... I'll find a way. I always do...always... *wink