Friday, January 30, 2009

Hmmm... Monday...all of us is back to the office after a long week of travellin'. RiZaL, YaNa and SiTa came back from their East Coast roadtrip. Me, H and John came back from our roadtrip to the North. Everybody was so excited and happy to see everybody, again... Hehehe...

However, on Thursday...Me, SiTa, RiZaL and YaNa had to go to the East Coast. We only came back to KL on Sunday. Damn, it was tiring. Covering Temerloh, Kuantan, Kuala Terengganu and Kota Bharu in 4 days and 3 nights. Half of the time was spent in the car!!! And most of the time in the car, I was fightin' with SiTa. Even YaNa said she feels like havin' 2 kids at the back seat.

Luckily, Monday and Tuesday was a Public Holiday and we were given an extra day of
off day on Wednesday. It's kinda sucky when you are on your off day and you can't go anywhere cuz sumbody insisted on bankin' in the pay cheque on Friday even when the damn thing was signed on Tuesday, the day before we all went for our roadtrip!!! 3 FReAKIN' off days without money can really screws up your me...

Well, dats wut happen when people just follow instruction without thinkin' its consequences to others. Anywhuuu... it seems dat my plan to go sumwhere is gonna have to take the back seat for now...again...... I hate it... a lot!!!

Sumtimes I feel like I have IED or Intermittent Explosive Disorder... Like I mentioned before, I do have a short fuse...but up to now, I still manage not to burst out in flames. Lucky them...

Uh, by the way...we all managed to pissed off ALICe the ShortCAKe by stopping at Marang Beach on our way back to KL from Kota Bharu...... But unfortunately the rest of the gang was not here to see her reaction when she saw the pictures dat we took. It was priceless, especially when she screamed 'FUCK YOU, BAD PeOPLe!!!'... Dat was fun...

Hey, now I'm listenin' to 'Canon Rock' by Jerry C. Its been 'bout 2 years since I first heard this cool instrumental piece... It's cool back then...and still is now...

DRiViN' + FaTiGue + HoMe + IssUeS = *&!@*!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hah, another one week passed as usual. I was in JB for 'bout couple of days. Tried to get hold of my pet sis, FiDoT as she is stationed there but to no avail... It's ok...

It was RiZaL's Birthday last Saturday. YaNa planned a surprise party but it didn't really work. We all went to Sanctuary Bar in The Curve. dIaNe, SaM, DiNeSh, HaIzA, BeN and his wife was there. We had fun. Rizal took a few pictures and uploaded it to his blog. Oh, yeah...and by the way...... I DUN DRINK. It's juz the glass... I had Coke...seriously...

On Monday, back to office and business as usual. So was Tuesday. Got to see ZuLee and Wan. Come to think 'bout it, I haven't got the chance to speak to her...alone and in private for quite a while now. Dat's one...the other thing is dat, HaNie is freakin' mad at me. I dun know wut wut happened. Maybe she was offended by the things dat i said, even when I meant it as a joke. It started when I asked her out juz to see her and 'lepak-lepak'. Well the last time dat I met her was 'bout 7-8 months ago. But she was was quite busy and said dat she'll confirm it back wit me. Well, the first time she was not able to make it due to sum appointment that was set before dat wit her frenz. It's she said dat she'd be able to see me the next week. So, I called her last week and again, she was not able to make it.

Normally, for the sort of normal people, they would be pissed off like nobody's business by now...but not me... I know her well enuff to expect dat to happen. So...again, I asked her to come and join me for RiZaL's birthday party this week...but unfortunately I made a remark to her that have might pissed her off. Well, at least dat's wut I thought... Hey, you can assume dat sumbody would be mad at you if you were to say dat to see her might need to wait at least 4 years to wait for the confirmation and another God knows how long before dat could happen. She didn't return my call or messages. I've lost count of how many "I'm sorry" messages I sent to her.

Dat was thankfully 'bout a week ago. Just now, I received a message from her sayin' dat she's OK. She wasn't returning the call was cuz her handphone was not wit her. Quite odd, but then again...better than nothing. Now I feel like biting her head off. Grrrr...... HaNie, if you are readin' this...I'm gonna get you...soon.

I'm actually writing dis in Ipoh. Yup, after 'bout one year plus since the last time I went back to my parent's house... I've been on the road from KL to Penang to Sungai Petani to Alor Setar to Kuala Kangsar and to Ipoh. All this since Wednesday...and finally we're goin' back to KL tomorrow. (well, at least at the time dat dis is written which happened to be a Friday nite). You would be tired too if you were to drive 90% of the time. Well, since I've been living in Butterworth and Ipoh for 'bout 10 years respectively...H was 'suddenly' lazy to drive. Hahaha. I dun mind at all.

When we arrived in Penang and on the way to Sungai Petani...dat brought back a lot of memories. A LoT... The only bad thing was I didn't get enuff time to see the people I wanted to see. It's a business trip...wut do you expect?!?!? You know wut...I will go back to Butterworth at the end of the month and see them all. If not least sum of 'em. I will try my best to do so...

It was tirin' but fun. I learnt a lot from the Leaders, Managers and especially the HOD's (my bosses la...). Even ZuLee said dat I looked tired the last time she met me. Hehehe...wut can you do. It comes with the job. I like to travel, it's not an issue at all.

Well...dis should be enuff for now...

I'll be back, soon...I hope...

GooDBYe 2008...HeLLO 2009

Friday, January 2, 2009

First of all, I juz wanna say Happy New Year to everybody...

It's been a while since I last blogged. Maybe the last time I wrote sumthin' in here could be considered as 'a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...' Hehehe...

Let's see...where do I start...

I quit the job dat I had in Lenovo to go and work wit RiZaL. There a few reasons for wut I did. One, it's for me explore more opportunities based on the Training and Managing People's skill dat I have back then. Two, it's cuz I get to travel (which I like...a lot...but didn't have the time to do it). Three, well...let's just say dat I got bored due to the level of face-to-face and human interaction at the office was very, very low... It's juz me and the PC. So bored dat it got up to a point where I had to pretend dat I'm talkin' to sumbody on the phone even when there's nobody on the other end...

But for the first time after walkin' into the new office, I doubted my decision on leavin' the old workplace. I never had dat before in my entire life. Not even when I was forced to work in McDonald's back then...or when I had to worked with a lawyer where I was left alone in the office most of the time... Normally I could be consired as a person who would shoot first and ask questions later...or leap first and think later. Basically there comes a time where I would just dun bother thinking at all. I could say dat I regretted in acceptin' RiZaL's offer to work wit him. Seems like I wrote a cheque my mouth can't cash...

Then after 'bout a week (and a lot of long talks wit RiZaL...) I've decided to stay and face it. I can't run away forever. Come to think 'bout it, how far and how much longer I can run from my fear of trying sumthin' new? Typical human nature is...they fear things dat they dun know. And I know well enuff dat I'm not the typical type of person.

In between dat time until today...there are a few hits and misses dat happened, HeLL wit it. People said that experience is benchmark of maturity but to me, experience is just another name for mistakes. And we learn from it to make ourselves a better person. To be old and wise you need to be young and foolish first... But like I always said before...age doesn't make you a man...or a woman for dat matter anyway...

Thanks to ZuL, ChaCk, RiZaL, YaNa, ZuLee, SiTa, MiYaKe, HaNie and all the people dat has helped me in one way or another to improve myself regardless in wut ever way it might be. To the people dat I didn't mentioned in here, it's not cuz you guys are not important to me. There a juz too many of you to be listed down in here. You guys know who you are and all of you are important to me and means a lot to me... (sounds like sum 'Oscar' speech, dun you think so...?)

As I looked up to the sky on the very last day of 2008 and the very first day of 2009, I made a few promises and wishes. I wanna be a better person than wut I am right now in all the things dat anybody could ever imagine, promised to make my parents proud of me, Wanna earn more money & also to call it quits on finding another job cuz I'm juz sick and tired of jumping from one company to the other (unless I have to...but I really do wish dat I dun have too...), wanna find sumbody dat's right for me and wished to be blessed by Allah in wutever I do and where ever I go.

But, first thing's first...I'll try not to be a person which will make you have to see the plastic surgeon to have your face reconstructed or getting my boots surgically removed from your ass, just cuz you pissed me off. Enuff said... But seriously, you definately dun wanna be at the receiving end of my fist.

For the people who has pissed me off in the year 2008... I wish that Allah would bless you all and juz remember dat... Wut goes around...comes around.

Oh yeah, to RiZaL, YaNa and SiTa... My new year's resolution is sooooo not gettin' myself laid, ok...

An end of sumthin' could always be a beginning of sumthin' else...

Happy New Year...may it be full of good things and blessings from Allah......

THe DeADMAN, over and out...for now.


The lights are slowly fading down
There's no one else, just you and me
Nothing ever changed
I see your faces in the crowd
It seems I know each one of you
For all my life
I wish this night could last forever
But it's time to go

I saw you laugh, I saw you cry
All for one and one for all
Nothing ever changed
The way you sang just blew my mind
It gave me chills from head to toe
What a glorious night
To me it could have lasted forever
But it's time to go

The bus is waiting right outside
To hit the road and once again
I leave you all behind
I chase another dream tonight
And by the time you'll be home
I'll be far away
I wish this night could last forever
It's time to go

A moment in a million years
Is all I've got for you
A moment in a million years
To make some dreams come true
A moment that I won't forget
Until the day I die
A moment in a million years
Called life...