Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hmmm... Haven't update dis blog for a few days... I was off on Thursday and Friday.My first 3 days on floor was quite OK except for the fact that the very first call for each day required escalation to the Floor Supports...dat SUCKS!!! but anyway, all the calls later was fine. We're suppose to go to Tasik Titiwangsa dis Monday. The company has organized an event...the first one and all the agents are invited to participate. My Team Leader wants all of us to go...but I dun know if wanna go or not...

Sunday was heaven. More than 1 FReAKIN' hour without any calls comin' in... Hahaha... I only got one call since I logged in at 4.30 am...and now, the clock is showing 9.00 am... Crazy, huh... I only answered 7 calls today. My working hours is kinda like 9 hours, so...it's like 1 call per hour...Hahahaha

I went to visit my one of my fren at the hospital on Thursday. He was admitted on Sunday. Needs an operation to remove sumthin' that is currently growing right behind his socrotum... Dun ask me 'bout it. Dis is some of the things dat I dun want to know, but I got to know 'bout it... After dat, I went to see ZuL... He said sumthin' dat made realized dat there's sumthin' is not right with me all this time and how I've let him down before... I gotta swallow all of dat and face the facts... He was kind enuff to help me do it... I really need dat... THANX BRO...

Remember the girl who I mentioned...the one who applied for the Trainer position at my previous company. Well, she got the position. Good for her... She thanked me for helping her...and I was like, "Wut did I do?"... She said dat 'cuz all the things dat I've taught her before dis, helped her a lot and she actually looked up to me... Hey, you know wut...if there's one guy dat you shouldn't look up to...it's Me... I was juz doin' my job...and I admit dat I enjoyed dat a lot...

I went and have dinner with MiYaKe on Wednesday nite. Haven't seen her for 'bout a month now...and I was happy to see her again...very happy. On Thursday, we had lunch and dinner together... I got to pinch her nose again... Hahaha...dat was fun...and she got the chance to beat me up again... She got so many things to tell me and so do I... And 'cuz of dat, she was quite late to get into the class again after dat...Huhu... It felt good to be able to smell her perfume again...even when my nose is not really functionin' well due to flu... She said she changed her perfume...but I dun think so... Hmmm...how I missed her...a lot...

I've been havin' dis weird feelin' dat sumbody is hidin' sumthin' from me...


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My very first call was an angry customer. Had to asked the Floor Support to help me... The customer is stupid enuff not to believed me when I told him that his PC doesn't come with a TV Tuner Card... Well, what goes around...comes around... Hahaha... And guess wut... the 2nd call
was a very nice customer... I helped him to re-install the antivirus and in the meantime, we talked 'bout Michigan, Malaysia and wutever... Hehehe... KARMA...

Later, most of the customer is the nice ones...good for me... My last call today was with a girl which sounded so sweet and I guided her to check the functionality of her network card. The way I was guiding her was just like Lt. Horatio Caine in CSI:Miami...hehehe...I just need to do sumthin' regarding my ability to multi-task...gotta improve it... Remember, dat I've stopped doin' it for quite sumtime now...

I dreamt 'bout my current workplace a couple of days ago...and in there, I saw a very familiar face. But haven't seen dat face for nearly a year... Posibbility? I dun know...

My floor name is GRAYVeN. Actually a combination of Gray and Raven...could also be a combination of Grave and Raven...

Your sense is direction is bad, your instinct is really bad, your intuition is worst and your common sense is ZeRO... It may not be the exact words, but dis was told to me by somebody 'bout a year ago... And the person I saw in my dream the other day was her... She's a good fren...dat's all I got to say... We had a lot of good times together and a couple of bad ones, too... I still regards her as my fren...but I'm not so sure if she still thinks the same thing...

I went out with RyNa on Saturday for a dinner... Lucky for me she was free... Haven't hang out wit her for quite a while, now...Gotta get ready for a new day, today... And according to American date and time... It's Monday...Manic Monday...


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hmmm... Suppose to answer calls...but NOOOOO!!! I DUN THINK SO!!! Hahaha... Instead, me and a couple of my batch mates helped the Floor Supports to assist the people on floor. And these guys are a batch earlier than mine... When we gave these guys the answers, they wouldn't listen...juz 'cuz we're the juniors... When they referred to the Floor Supports, they gave em the same answer and some of the Floor Support didn't have the answers for some of the questions... Well, you know wut guys, YOU SUCK!!! Doesn't mean dat if
you're one batch earlier than I am, your're good... And guess wut, YOUR'RE NOT!!!

Another one of my frenz is getting married by the end of the month...she was
one of the people in my batch when I first came in to my previous company...
I'm not sure whether I'm goin' to attend it or not. But she asked me to inform
the others 'bout it...

I just got the news dat one of the guy dat I know in my previous company is
joinin' in to the place dat I'm workin' in now... I'm quite pissed off wit this guy
'cuz he crashed my car and didn't even bother to pay me back... Yeah, I
know my car insurance covered the repairin' bills...but then again...he's actin'
like he got nuthin' to do wit it... FUCK IT!!! And all the while when I didn't have
my car wit me, he's like dun give a shit 'bout me anymore... Usually he would
be the one callin' me to go out and 'lepak'...but not when I didn't have my
car... He's like been using me to take him around whenever he needs to...

Yeah, it feels like shit... Not juz 'cuz of dat... He juz love to brag 'bout himself.
If there's one of the things dat I can't stand...it's the people who brags... Hey,
I know I do dat too...but then again, the reason for it is to make people
realize dat if they think dat they're good...there's always somebody better
than them...somewhere out there... I ALWAYS DO THINGS WIT A

One of my former trainees called me and asked my advised 'cuz she's goin'
for the interview for the Trainer position in my previous company... I told her
to be herself, cool and confident... That's all she needs... She passed the
interview and she have to do a presentation later... Well, good for her...

Called MiYaKe a few days back to check up on her... She's doin' fine... And
listenin' to her voice makes me smile... She haven't send me the survey
questions yet...well, she's a lil' bit busier than ever 'cuz she needs to set up
sumthin' for the trainees... Been there, done dat...I know how it feels... Big
headache...but I manage to do it with lil' effort. Maybe it's just my luck!

I think it's time for me to see my good fren, the doors and walls...


Monday, May 12, 2008

We're suppose to answer live call today, but...I dun think so... Hehe. I'm so
sleepy today...maybe it's 'cuz I didn't get enuff sleep.

I manage to help my fren to settle her animation thingy. Coloured all her
scanned drawings and do some simple animation... If my college frenz would've
seen wut I did, they're gonna screw me, big time... It looked so stupid... Most
probably it's 'cuz I've stopped doin' it for about 5 FReAKIN' years!!! We started
at 'bout 9.30 pm and finished at 4 in the morning... I did it at McD and then we
moved to a mamak shop...wit her laptop...

She said 'bout payin' me 'cuz she borrowed my time...then I said to her, "Aren't
we all livin' on borrowed time?"... Hehe...she never said anythin' after dat but
still kept on insisting to pay me... Stubborn...

Another borin' weekend, as usual... Except for the animating part...


Friday, May 9, 2008

When you were here before,
Couldn't look you in the eye,
You're just like an angel,
Your skin makes me cry.
You float like a feather,
In a beautiful world
I wish I was special,
You're so fucking special.

But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo.
What the hell am I doing here?
I don't belong here.

I don't care if it hurts,
I want to have control.
I want a perfect body,
I want a perfect soul.
I want you to notice,
when I'm not around.
You're so fucking special,
I wish I was special.

But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo.
What the hell am I doing here?.
I don't belong here.

She's running out the door,
she's running, she run, run, run, run, run.

Whatever makes you happy,
Whatever you want.
You're so fucking special,
I wish I was special.

But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo.
What the hell am I doing here?
I don't belong here,
I don't belong here.

The song, 'Creep' by Radiohead tells the tale of an inebriated man who
tries to get the attention of a woman he is attracted to by following her
around. In general, the word 'Creep' means disturbingly eccentric,
painfully quiet and shy, painfully loud and obnoxious, or overly perverted.
Hmmm...dat sound kinda like me...in a very weird kind of way...

My adopted brother called me the other day...and again last night. He
asked me to call back, but I didn't. I fell into a deep sleep for about 4
hours... Actually it's been nearly a week that I'm not getting enuff sleep...
I've been sleeping like 4-5 hoors on a daily basis...

I called him last night...and he asked for my help... Unfortunately, I can't
help him. Well, it feels like SHIT when you are unable to help someone
dat needs your help...

There's a new batch comin' in at my so-called new workplace, here... And
some of 'em is from my previous office. They told me dat people are
saying dat I got terminated from dat place... Ok, let me clarify it. I DID

MiYaKe has sent me the survey questions and I've finished it... I lost
count of how many questions it was...hahaha. It was 'bout 150 questions,
I think... I got to call her a day before dat and we talked for 'bout an
hour... It has been 'bout a week since we last talked to each other. I
asked her out this weekend... Let's juz hope dat it works out...I dun really
want it to cause her any trouble later...

I'm gonna really start work maybe around next week... I have some
doubt in me, whether I can do it or not... It's been quite a while since I
last did it... Lets juz hope dat it will work out, too...

A friend of my friend is askin' for my help to do some animation editing.
I've stopped doin' dat for the past 5 years...Dun really know if I can still
do it... But, hey...it's me...I can do anythin' dat I want...anytime...


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

It's been a while since the last time I updated the blog... So, here goes...
Urmmm... Last weekend is another borin' weekend... Sitting at home doin'
nuthin'... The only thing good 'bout it was, there's nobody to bug me 'cuz my
auntie went to see my mom in Ipoh. So, basically I was home alone since

Today is our 2nd day of Buddy Session... Nuthin' much, anyway... It's pretty
much the same from I used to do previously... We got to listen to calls...got to
know how most of the callers are not really good in using their PCs and all dat
comes wit it...

I started doin' sumthin' dat I've stopped doin' for a very long time... Wearing a
wrist watch... I've stopped doin' dat for nearly 5 years now...I dun quite
remember actually. But, I know dat it's been a while.. a 'very long' while...

I'm still waitin' for MiYaKe to give me another set of survey questions... Hey,
you know wut... I actually have sumthin' to write here but I dun remember wut
is it... It's the short term memory lost again...and I hate dat...I really do... But
wut I know is...there's one song dat keeps playin' in my mind... 'Creep' by

One of my fren 'text'ed me just now... She said dat she getting engaged at the
end of the month... When I asked 'wit who?'...she didn't reply... But to
whomever she's wit...I juz wish for her happiness, forever... Dat's wut frenz
do...no matter wut...

My body is tired but my brain is juz pushing it to the limit...and I have to
survive...or else......

Dun know if I'm juz gonna shutdown and go completely static...


Saturday, May 3, 2008

On a cold winter morning
In the time before the light
In flames of death's eternal reign
We ride towards the fight

When the darkness has fallen down
And the times are tough alright
The sound of evil laughter falls
Around the world tonight

Fighting hard, fighting on for the steel
Through the wastelands evermore
The scattered souls will feel the hell
Bodies wasted on the shores

On the blackest waves in hell's domain
We watch them as they goT
hrough fire and pain and once again we know!

So now we fly ever free
We're free before the thunderstorm
On towards the wilderness
Our quest carries on

Far beyond the sundown
Far beyond the moonlight
Deep inside our hearts and all our souls!

So far away we wait for the day
For the light source so wasted and gone
We feel the pain of a lifetime lost in a thousand days
Through the fire and the flames we carry on!

As the red day is dawning
And the lightning cracks the sky
They'll raise their hands to the heavens above
With resentment to their lies

Running back through the midmorning light
There's a burning in my heart
We're banished from the time in a foreign land
To a life beyond the stars

In your darkest dreams see to believe
Our destiny is time
And endlessly we'll all be free tonight!

And on the wings of a dream
So far beyond reality
All alone in desperation
Now the time has gone

Lost inside you'll never find
Lost within my own mind
Day after day this misery must go on!

So far away we wait for the day
For the light source so wasted and gone
We feel the pain of a lifetime lost in a thousand days
Through the fire and the flames we carry on!

Now here we stand with their blood on our hands
We fought so hard, now can we understand
I'll break the seal of this curse if I possibly can
For freedom of every man!

So far away we wait for the day
For the light source so wasted and gone
We feel the pain of a lifetime lost in a thousand days
Through the fire and the flames we carry on!

'Through The Fire and Flames' is a song from a band called DragonForce... It was ZuL who gave me the song to listen to 'bout a week ago and at first I thought it sounded like an old 1980's rock band but actually, they are relatively new... And to my surprise, the music is ABSOLUTELY COOL!!! It's kinda like power and speed metal or rock... Fast drum and 2 syncronized lead guitar that goes like HELL!!!

Today is the last day of our Training Session. Next week, will be our first week on floor. But we have to sit down with the seniors first and after 2-3 days, we'll be answering calls on our own... Time flies, fast. Faster than you think... It feels like we only started our Training yesterday... Well, wut can you do...as time waits for no man...

MiYaKe gave me another set of questions to answer... Well, 127 questions to be exact...and she said dat she knows dat I'm gonna be bored inside the class and this is sumthin' to keep me occupied. As always, she asked me to give my honest answer...and as always, that is wut I gave her... After I'm done answerin' all of it (which I did in 'bout half an hour), I sent it back to her... She's gonna be working on Saturday, so most probably she'll send me another e-mail by Monday...

Speaking 'bout Monday...my shift starts at 4.00 am!!! Talk 'bout crazy working hours, huh? By the time I upload this, it's probably Saturday morning... I have no idea of wut to do today...

Yesterday, I went to the workshop to do sumthin' bout my car... Changed all 4 of the tyres, alignment, balancing, regular oil replacement and engine flushing materials...and it costs me 670 bucks... It was worth it...I hope...

Guess wut...I got to know dat there's one guy in my class dat have a near identical pattern on his palm as mine... There's one straight line right across my palm. This actually indicates dat I can deliver a very devastating blow to anybody that pisses me off. That is also the same reason why my parents never sent me to any self defense classes or letting me slap or beat-up anybody at all... I'm the only one who have it it my family...

I'm the kind of guy who actually have a very short fuse... I can 'snap' at any given moment and can go totally out of control... But remember wut I said earlier, 'bout learnin' a lot of things in my life so far? Anger management is one of 'em... so, dat's why I keep on blastin' the damn door or walls...(it's not the best solution, but hey... it worked for me...)